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I highly recommend picking up Larry Thompson's very inspirational and thought-provoking book, SHINE. Along with the Good Luck Club's Road To Stardom Workbook and support from Forum members, anyone with a dream and ambition to reach their full potential will have all the resources they will ever need.

Although my goals are not in the entertainment field, I do see myself as a shining star in my own right as an entrepreneur. I have always admired self-made individuals such as Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. They are not only very successful, but they have also contributed greatly to worthwhile causes. (Examples: Oprah Winfrey collecting over $3.5 million for scholarships through her Angel Network, or Bill Gates contributing $100 million to combat AIDS in India.)

I lost my job sometime ago due to downsizing and found myself at my wits' end; but thanks to a good friend who suggested I pick up SHINE, I was able to turn my life around. I decided to go back to college and am now close to getting my bachelor's degree. I also decided to start my own business. Although it has been an uphill battle dealing with bad business deals and severing ties with business partners who were ripping me off, I decided to take things into my own hands. Currently, I'm taking several continuing education courses to help me with every aspect of business management. This need to grow beyond my own environment, and to achieve my dreams didn’t come from nowhere, it came from within me. You see, both SHINE and the Project Rise & Shine website have given me the tools - to paraphrase my sensei - “to unmask my hidden self and reach my true potential." The Road To Stardom Workbook allowed me to track my progress and the Forum allowed me to get support from like minded individuals that have been of great help in my journey. Although I haven’t reached all my goals, Larry’s guidance as a friend and as a mentor will eventually get me there. I would also like to thank Cynthia Novella. She is smart, beautiful, and down to earth - a real triple threat. Without her support, I would not have come this far. I hope to collaborate with her on a regular basis on future projects.


Born and raised in Queens Village, New York, where I have lived most of my life. I was raised by both my mother (Carrie Creech) and father (William) Creech. I was the youngest of four siblings. I have two brothers (Darryl Creech and Kevin Creech), one sister (Carmella Creech), and a half sister that I have recently found out about. Although I have lived most of my life in New York City, for the past 10 years I have lived in various parts of the country including Boston and California due to my previous job. I currently reside in Sharpsburg, Georgia.

I started my first business at the age of 19 entitled 101 Flavors. I sold Islamic artifacts such as oils and incense. I ran this company for about three years, then struck a deal with a small ice cream chain called Las Palmas in which I became the distributor for Queens, NY. After a year, I decided to complete my degree in business management from Queensborough Community College and go to Devry to learn more about information technology.

I currently hold two degrees. I have an A.S. in business management from Queensorough Community College and an A.S. in Applied Science from Devry Institute of Technology. I am currently completing my Bachelors of Science in Technical Management.

I am a yellow belt in Shidokan Karate. I am also a probationary black belt in Koga Ryu Ninjitsu.

Taught martial arts at Convenient House located on Hillside Avenue Jamaica Queens, an organization dedicated to helping homeless youth.

Was a member of Brothers For Progress, an organization geared toward African-American men who want to make a difference in the community. We worked on programs such as teaching young men and women in correctional facilities computer programming and repair skills.

I am also a vegetarian. I am not one of those tree hugger types who can’t eat anything with a face. I don’t eat meat for health reasons.

I am an amateur illustrator and hope one day to create my own comic book.

I play the guitar (not well, but I have some skill).

I also play the keyboard (self taught).

I have produced and directed a short-lived series entitled “Computers and Beyond” which I plan on bring back to life someday.

I am currently studying Japanese as a second language. I can read and write Hiragana and Katakana, and can read and write 1400 Kanji characters.


Larry Thompson exuded so much down to earth warmth and attentiveness on the Dr. Phil Show! I was so intrigued immediately by the title of his book SHINE: A Powerful 4-Step Plan for Becoming a Star in Anything You Do. I had to buy the book. I keep the dated receipt of my purchase to remind me of my goals for "stardom.”

There are many memorable quotes in SHINE, but I would like to use a line from the movie Clash of the Titans to sum up SHINE. Find and fulfill your destiny.

I ended up rereading SHINE before writing what you're reading now, and was able to pick up even more information. I highly recommend reading the book at least twice so as not to miss out on any gems of insight, and the book contains many. As a consummate reader of many motivational, self help/healing, and how-to books, I consider SHINE a classic.

Creatively and expertly crafted with the humor and vivid illustrations of a natural storyteller the book is an elaborate roadmap to stardom, celebration of life, career workbook, bio/motivational career and success/spiritual life guide, and entertaining story full of gems and quotable comments and illustrating tools like 100 points of starlight marked.

SHINE is an analytical distillation of the star-making process, of both material success and spiritual success. I especially like how Larry reminds us that we must be selfish (in a positive way) and make time to act on our goals; that greatness begins with humility, and that God is our Team Captain. Amen.

I was excited to read in SHINE that there was actually a support forum on the Project and Rise & Shine website. I excitedly joined the Good Luck Club.

I read in Larry’s book SHINE about the importance of balancing truthfulness and compassion in assessing contestants, and he really projects these qualities he writes about: sensitivity and kindness.

The features I have enjoyed about The Good Luck Club are: the Celebrity Team member selection feature, forum, and especially the Road To Stardom work page. The book SHINE contains a similar work page with the one online being longer and more elaborate.

“The Road to Stardom” work page in The Good Luck Club allows me to organize and break goals down into smaller, more doable tasks, and adding deadlines is something that makes me feel more accountable for task completion.

Another bonus is that my goals are on a public website which adds pressure and incentive for me to complete the goals on my work page. I know that our subconscious mind works to make whatever is spoken aloud or made visible a reality.

Being a Good Luck Club member gives a sense of belonging and purpose, as well as support from members, including:

Keith Creech (an extremely supportive team member of mine); Ann Marquette, who offered calming words because I was nervous about talking with Larry; Sonja Mildoon – an Instant Messenger chat buddy; Cristie Eid, the aspiring actress who read to Larry on Dr. Phil, and who responded back to my private message with friendly warmth.

I’d also like to note that Larry and Robert Endara are extremely nice to talk with on the telephone.

I would like to say THANK YOU to God for all I have, to Larry Thompson for being powerfully empowering to others. For support, encouragement, and patience thank you Larry and Robert Endara. Thanks to Keith Creech, the Good Luck Club members, and my family and friends.

For their love and friendship, I’d like to thank my father Jose “Joe” and late mother Dionisia “Cecile,” brothers Nathaniel, Jose Marie “Jomar,” Michael, sisters-in-law Cathy and Alma, nephews Darin Rey and J.J., my uncles, aunts and cousins, my counselor Dr. Dorothy Maddox, favorite teacher Bruce Clark, my friends Allan Hill and others, the staff/friends and clients at Caminar-Laurel Creek, my filmmaking friends Garrett Krnich and Jason Penarelli, and favorite forum friends: Lyle, Michael Session, Mischa, and Wen. To Tim Baker, for interesting times.

It is a great joy to be winner #3 of the Good Club Club, and I feel excitement and anticipation that each completed step on my Good Luck Club “Road to Stardom” work page brings me ever closer to my destiny. My dream goal is to be a professional actor, published writer of fictional tales and philosophy, and to help create social change in the world somehow as peacemaker and fighter for the disadvantaged.

I’m feeling especially lucky with The Good Luck Club prize, which, I believe, is a good luck omen of more great fortune to come!


Born Geraldine Gomez in Quezon City, Philippines, to Dionisia Ventura Estonilo and Jose Salvatera Gomez. The name Gomez is Jose's adoptive name; Monasterio is his birth father's name.

Is the only female (and middle) child with three brothers and an older sister who died at birth. Had a turbulent, conflict filled upbringing.

Raised in San Francisco, East Bay, and North Bay and has lived in Fremont, Livermore, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and currently in Fairfield, CA.

Nohasfrontwo, short film. Jason Penarelli, director. Penarelli film won honorable mention at UC Santa Barbara Reel Loud Festival, rave reviews, and is reportedly screenwriter Scott Frank’s favorite for that festival.

Elsewhere, short film. Garrett Krnich, director.

Roxy, high school play. Armijo High School.

Make Your Point, educational television. Napa Unified School District.

Dramatic Arts 5: UC Santa Barbara

Scene Study: Santa Barbara City College Continuing Education

Earned high praise for work philosophy, theory, and literature college courses.

Wrote an uncompleted short story The Reaper at age 19 about the “romance” between a suicidal girl and the persona of death. Loves fairy and folk tales and wrote a fairytale Radiance.

Some poetry.

Theater reviews for (under the name Gomez)

Business correspondence and or literature for employers

Article on the United Nations’ International Court of Justice

University of California, Santa Barbara. B.A. in Political Science.

Transferred from Solano Community College in Suisun, CA.

EMPLOYMENT (Dublin, Ireland)
Counselor: currently, relief staff at Caminar Inc, Laurel Creek facility in Fairfield, CA

Previous work includes clerical and
Call centers in Los Angeles (Alert) and Fairfield (Pacific Crest Research) where “clients and customers” would compliment her on her voice. Was a top telemarketing survey caller.

Loves underdog wins the day stories.

Had many pets while growing up: a frog, cats, hamsters, dogs, cockatiel, parakeets. Favorite pet was a freedom-loving Siberian Husky named Skeye.

Favorite animal: the wolf

Believes in the 6th sense, also called gut instinct or “hunch" as an underappreciated, and potentially lifesaving, ability that all people possess in varying degrees. Uses dreams and intuition as part of decision making and awareness: the other being analytical (cost/benefit or pro/con)

Favorite words: stardust, starlight, soldier, intense, ethereal, metaphysics

Favorite movies include: Blade Runner, Muholland Drive, and Revenge of the Sith.


WOW! What to tell you about Larry Thompson, his book SHINE and the Project Rise & Shine Good Luck Club…

Last November I first saw Larry on Dr. Phil, where I heard about his book SHINE. I immediately felt drawn to find the book on, immediately ordered it…AND found the link to Project Rise & Shine, which I went directly to read every page.

Excitement and encouragement filled me up. I knew this was a RIGHT path for me.

I received the book within a few days and began to devour it…I was starved for what Larry offered through his book and Project Rise & Shine. As soon as the Good Luck Club opened the door, I went in.

SHINE…following Larry’s example and instructions in the book helped me to realize so many things about myself, my life, my accomplishments to-date. I had already found the Gift God had given me…the gift of words through writing and speaking. Larry gave me more confidence in myself and my abilities.

What impresses me most about Larry’s desire to help others is his encouragement to improve all areas of our lives, including our health and spirituality.

What blew me away was when Larry told about getting a team of supporters, and once we do that we need a Captain…AND, that our CAPTAIN IS GOD… For that reason especially. I truly respect Larry Thompson.

The Good Luck Club work book has helped me focus my goals more clearly and to realize we have different goals that lead us on the path to our ultimate goal.

Recently I realized that I needed to accomplish a few personal goals before God can get me on the path to the ultimate goals…HIS will for my life.

I joined Weight Watchers to lose weight, get healthier, and have the energy I am going to need and want on this new path. I have already lost some weight, and feel a lot more energy.

I have had a tremendous desire to relocate to a place more peaceful and inspirational. I found that place on a trip to California last year, but worried about lack of finances to support myself and my dog Bear. Yet, I knew that when the time was right I would feel a peace within and the confidence to make the decision…even if I did not know immediately how the finances would play out. Mother’s Day afternoon that peaceful feeling and confidence came over me and I KNEW where I would live, in what town, and when.

People in my life who know my decision, and those who don’t, are telling me that I am looking good and “you just glow!” I truly feel the glow inside…another gift from God.

Once I get relocated and settled I will be devoting time to learning how to find a Literary Agent, finding the perfect Agent, and finishing book 2 in the series of Little One…Her Journeys and Adventures.

God moved me to turn on Dr. Phil that day in November when I first saw Larry and heard about his book SHINE.

I am so grateful to God for his guidance, to Larry Thompson for his desire to work to help others, to Larry and his assistant Robert for their support and encouragement. I’m grateful to my Team, my family and friends for their support.

I am honored to be the 2nd recipient of the Project Rise & Shine Good Luck Club award, which will help me with my current goals on the path to my new and exciting life.


Born, raised and lived in Michigan several years. Lived in Miami, FL several years, then Ireland for over 12 years, and currently in Atlanta, Georgia since 1990.
I have traveled throughout Ireland, England and Europe, and few other places in America.
My companion is a Lhasa Apso named Bear.

Business correspondence such as letters and memos in various corporate positions.
Article regarding a photography exhibit published in Boston Irish Echo.
Tour articles in American Women’s Club of Dublin Newsletter.
A couple items in Southern Sailing Club Newsletter.
Personal Newsletters, poems, and first book.
First book Little One~End of Journey Alone published in 2003 by Publish America.
Book 2 Little One~A New Beginning is in the works.
Poetry…many of which can be read on my web page

Created and presented a minor multimedia presentation to various groups at Southern Company.
Stage plays and music concerts over 14 years, with the occasional solo.
Talk to the Irish Countrywomen’s Association about America.
Talk to the Dublin Camera Club, the subject was Photography as Art.
As tour director for the American Women’s Club of Dublin, and...
orientation tours for the US Embassy staff and families in Dublin.

Stage plays from first grade through high school and beyond.
Member of Chorus through high school.
Extra on made for TV movie Stay the Night as front row juror.
Silent actor in TV commercial.
Played the Granny in Stephen Sondheim’s play Into The Woods put on by our church.

SALES (Dublin, Ireland)
Tupperware Manager
UNICEF Shop...sales and supervisor
Hackett Art Gallery...sales and framing
Irish Times Art Shop...sales and assistant manager

Primarily art pieces of scenery, still life, people. Exhibits and sale of work included a One Woman show of 50 pieces in Dublin, Ireland and exhibits in the USA.
Commercial work was done for UNICEF, Delta Air Lines, Pete St. John (singer/songwriter), James Kilgallon (real estate)...all in Ireland.
Public relations photos for Sally Stryker for Dark Night Theater in Atlanta.

Ann Marquette, Author

Little One~End of Journey Alone Book 1 in the series
Little One~A New Beginning book 2 in the works
Web Page: Read my latest poem
"My Angels" at
(See bio, poetry, news, synopsis of Book 2 in the works)


When I first read Larry's book SHINE, I immediately looked him up on the internet to see if he had a web site to go along with the book. The book was incredibly inspiring to me! I've been working on my goals for a long, long, LONG time, and Larry was able to show me a few things that I wasn't doing that I should be doing, and things I was doing that I could be doing better! I was ecstatic when I saw that he had made the Good Luck Club™ available to us, his readers! I joined instantly and began using the site diligently.

I expected ... at first ... to use it to focus on my career goals, and that's what I did ... at first. But I realized as I progressed that I had a lot of lifestyle issues that I had to take care of before I could really concentrate on my career. I had to clean up my back yard first, so I have a solid foundation to build on. The Good Luck Club™ was tremendously instrumental in helping me with this!

I realized that I had a lot more bad habits that I was cognizant of. Filling in the site's forms made me, for the first time ever, take these things seriously enough to make the effort to change them. Just the effort of typing them out brought them to the forefront of my attention and I would then change them. It was exciting to get back on the site in order to be able to say I completed the goal. The fact that I got points for it was a nice bonus.

But the true bonus was that as I cleaned up my life of these seemingly little things, the bigger goals seemed to start falling into place by themselves! People were suddenly interested in what I'm working toward and I made several powerful advances! I noticed that as I began to feel a lot better about myself, I felt like I had what it takes to succeed. The site helped me to stop procrastinating and get moving!

I know that it won't be long before I become one of the celebrities on Larry's site, thanks to the tools he's created! Thank you, Larry!


Lisa Bonnice has known since elementary school that she is a writer. In fact, she started writing her first book in the sixth grade. But life, in its own inimitable way, had other ideas. First, it decided, she had to have a few adventures so she'd have something to write about!

The journey that Lisa ended up on took her across the country and back, living a variety of different lifestyles. She's lived in a tent on a nude beach, and on the road doing standup comedy with the likes of Tim Allen. She's worked in the publishing industry--editing an encyclopedia on alternative medicine--and for news organizations, acting as an on-air internet reporter, and as an award-winning writer for

Lisa has bartended, designed web pages, helped to develop laser concerts, taken a trip in a sensory-deprivation tank, had two kids, taught traffic school, wrote a monthly humor column for a Los Angeles area magazine, made jewelry and sold it at festivals, and along the way picked up a vast understanding of metaphysics and spirituality. (In fact, she is currently the Florida State Coordinator for a worldwide, grassroots spiritual movement called Humanity's Team, founded by Neale Donald Walsch, the best-selling author of the Conversations With God series).

In the meantime, her first book was brewing. In 2003, Addressing the Goo--the metaphysics of weight loss was published. Since then, Lisa has been striving toward her goal of bringing the book to best-seller status. She received a huge boost in 2004, when Neale Donald Walsch happened upon a copy of her book and declared it to be fantastic! Walsch offered to write a foreword for the second edition and to help her to get the book republished under a new title, Shape Shifting--reclaiming your perfect body.

Lisa continues to push forward, leaving herself no other options than the path she's chosen. She is determined to make a splash with her book, and to hit the road with a new show, combining humor with spirituality. Her goal is to live the Jimmy Buffet lifestyle, with a Bette Midler attitude and a Gandhi-like spirit. No small task!

For more information, please visit Lisa's website at

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