What is your definition of a Star?

A Star is anyone who has identified and maximized his or her full potential. It is at that fulfillment point they shine their best and brightest.

Why are you qualified to help others “become a Star” in their everyday lives?

For over 30 years, I have represented the careers of over 200 Hollywood Stars. I have studied their behavior and discussed with them at length their dreams, fears, and success strategies. I know what makes them different and successful and I know how they think. I can teach you how to think like them. Their Star-making methods will work for you. I’ve seen it happen too often to doubt it. In fact, I’ve helped make it happen too often to question it.

What exactly is your 4-Step Plan for Stardom?

There are four essential and attainable elements that are necessary to become a Star in anything you do. They are TALENT, RAGE, TEAM and LUCK. Of these four elements, Talent and Rage come from within. Team and Luck are the result of external choices you make.

You have to:

* Identify Your Talent : Stars must unlock their natural born gifts, whether it is the love of working with children, a discerning eye for taking photos, the sensibilities for managing people, or the skills for developing a new business… and then match them with their opportunities.

* Summon Your Rage: Stars have an absolute, tunnel vision, maniacal focus on fulfillment and success.

* Assemble A Team: Every Star has a Team of supporters including: mentors, professionals, role models, motivators, and reality checkers.

* Learn To Be Lucky: Stars must create the elements of Luck they can control, and identify and act quickly on those rare "chance occurrences" they cannot.

What is the most important element in your plan?

Of the four elements, Talent, Rage, Team, and Luck, all are necessary and each is equally important. How much you need of any one element depends on how much you have of the others. The more Talent you have, the less Luck you will probably need. The more Rage you have, the less Talent you may need. The more Luck you have, the less Team you will need … and so on.

What makes your plan different from the other ones out there?

I am not a psychologist, theologian, or doctor lecturing self-help techniques to people in a scientific way. My firsthand experience in personally managing successful celebrities has taught me tried and true concepts that work in today’s pop culture society. I speak to people who are fascinated with celebrities about how to not imitate their favorite Stars but instead, how to become a Star themselves. I teach people to be the best they can be. I motivate them to take ACTION. I offer my advice in a friendly, easily understood, practical, and celebrity-exampled way. What I teach is not as unique as the pop culture approach with which I teach it.

How did you get started in this area?

I finished law school at the age of 24 and left my home in Mississippi to live in California, not only had I never been to California, but I also had never met anyone who had been to California. I drove three straight days to Hollywood, exited the freeway onto Sunset Boulevard, and eventually reached the corner of Hollywood and Vine—the only Los Angeles street address I had ever heard about. It was 10 o’clock in the evening and it was raining. I got out of my car, stood in the rain, looked around, and cried, cried, and cried. I was where I was supposed to be. I HAD ARRIVED!

A little over a year after I first stood on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, I got a job working on that same corner! I started my career in show business as in-house counsel for Capitol Records. Subsequently, on behalf of Capitol, I negotiated the famed Beatles breakup. Their breakup was a big break for me!

From Capitol, I started an Entertainment Law Firm and Talent Management Company.

After much success, I moved forward with two other lawyers to buy a Motion Picture Studio. I subsequently sold out to be an independent film producer and Personal Manager to Stars. Two hundred clients, 17 Movies for Television, 5 Motion Pictures, 2 Television Series, 3 Television Specials, and various Series Pilots later, the U.S. Television Fan Association voted me “Showman of the Year.” I have received the Industry’s prestigious Vision Award and my productions have received nominations for 8 Emmy Awards, 2 Prism Awards, and a Golden Globe.

I have coached people privately and been a motivational speaker throughout my career. My book is based on what I have learned from what I have done.

Who are some of the over 200 Stars you have either represented or have starred in your productions?

Drew Barrymore, Cindy Crawford, William Shatner, Jane Seymour, Barry White, Shannen Doherty, Mariska Hargitay, Charlton Heston, Lisa Rinna, Tori Spelling, Sonny and Cher, Alan Thicke, Coolio, Kathleen Turner, Steve Guttenberg, Michael York, Iman, Donna Mills, James Brolin, Orlando Jones, Jason Bateman, Tim Matheson, and Tony Danza among many others.

Have any of your clients used your techniques?

All of them have employed it either consciously or instinctively in their work and lives.

Will your techniques work if I am a stay-at-home mom looking to make my life better; not wanting to become famous?

Yes, absolutely. Everybody can be a Star in anything they do. You don’t have to be in the movies to be a Star. If anything is worth doing, it is worth Starring at it.

Once I’ve read your book, how long till I show improvement in my life?

Immediately. In fact, you will sense improvements in your life while you are reading my book. Each chapter will challenge you to do something new and special in your life and instruct you how to do it.

What do you mean when you say your plan offers an “extreme motivational makeover”?

Unlike the recent rash of reality TV makeover shows like the Swan, which by definition implies that their contestants are “ugly ducklings,” and that by mostly plastic surgery they can be made over to live a perfect life, my 4-Step plan to Stardom offers techniques to create a lasting motivation and direction to make yourself over from the inside out. Instead of a superficial quick fix, I offer a fix that is sound and permanent.

One of your four elements of Stardom is “Rage.” That’s a very strong word. In fact, a lot of people may think it has a negative connotation. What do you actually mean by “Rage”?

Success doesn’t just happen. It is forced into existence. To be successful, you must be determined to achieve your goal. You can’t merely wish, hope, desire, or try real hard to succeed. You can’t just have ambition. You must have a RAGE to succeed. You must have tunnel vision—a one way ticket—do or die. You must have a mad passion for success. When others are tired and quitting, you must be prepared to be what I call “The LPS” – The Last Person Standing. You must pay the price. If you don’t, your competitors will.

It’s common to think of Rage as a negative emotion, like “road rage,” but the dictionary also defines Rage as a form of passion or “something that is desired intensely.” For the purpose of this book, I’ve defined Rage as the difference in saying you want something and continually acting as if you do.

As your Rage is, so is your will.

As your will is, so is your action.

As your action is, so is your destiny.

Give me an example of Rage.

Academy Award winner Mel Gibson personifies my definition of Rage. In his recent controversial box office phenomena, we witnessed "The Passion of the Christ" and “The Rage of Mel Gibson.” His deep conviction to tell his story allowed him not to simply make a movie the traditional way, but to single-handedly force it into existence. Though people’s opinions may differ about the movie itself, most acknowledge and applaud his unwavering belief and commitment to its creation. When no major studio in Hollywood wanted to finance his script or even distribute the finished movie that he totally financed, he pushed onward. His efforts were ultimately rewarded. It’s this level of continuous commitment that you need to be a Superstar.

What is Project RISE & SHINE?

My book SHINE: A Powerful 4-Step Plan For Becoming A Star In Anything You Do serves as the catalyst for Project RISE & SHINE . It is an organization I founded wherein Hollywood Stars, through our inspirational programming and strong internet presence, use their power of celebrity and personal success stories to inspire people worldwide to realize their true potential and map their own unique road to Stardom. For more information visit

Can every person become a Star in what they do?

Yes…I know there are a lot of people who think they are not very special. They think they are not pretty, or not smart. They have no money. Their peers snub them, and their self-confidence has been shattered. They feel unimportant, even irrelevant. They don’t believe they have a Talent or gift or could ever be liked, let alone become a Star. But, I believe there is a beauty and uniqueness in each individual. And I have always wanted to help people find the Stardust in themselves. It is there.

There’s a little of George Bailey, from the classic “It’s A Wonderful Life,” in all of us. We all, on occasions, have to be shown and reminded how special we are. I’m no angel like Clarence, but I’ve tried my best in this book to help you see your own uniqueness and how much you have to offer the world. Hopefully, every time this book is read, a new Star will light up and Shine.

Congratulations, after reading my book you will have completed the first steps to Stardom. I hope to meet you on life’s Red Carpet.







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