For over 35 years, I have represented the careers of more than 200 Hollywood Stars. I have studied their behavior and discussed with them at length their dreams, fears, and success strategies. I know what makes them different and successful and I know how they think. I can teach you how to think like them. Their Star-making methods will work for you. I’ve seen it happen too often to doubt it. In fact, I’ve helped make it happen too often to question it.

The Secrets:

There are four essential and attainable elements that are necessary to become a Star in anything you do. They are TALENT, RAGE, TEAM and LUCK. Of these four elements, Talent and Rage come from within. Team and Luck are the result of external choices you make. You have to:

  • Identify Your Talent : Stars must unlock their natural born gifts, whether it is the love of working with children, a discerning eye for taking photos, the sensibilities for managing people, or the skills for developing a new business… and then match them with their opportunities.
  • Summon Your Rage: Stars have an absolute, tunnel vision, maniacal focus on fulfillment and success.
  • Assemble A Team: Every Star has a Team of supporters including: mentors, professionals, role models, motivators, and reality checkers.
  • Learn To Be Lucky: Stars must create the elements of Luck they can control, and identify and act quickly on those rare "chance occurrences" they cannot.

Of the four elements, Talent, Rage, Team, and Luck, all are necessary and each is equally important. How much you need of any one element depends on how much you have of the others. The more Talent you have, the less Luck you will probably need. The more Rage you have, the less Talent you may need. The more Luck you have, the less Team you will need … and so on.

The Application:

All you need to find fulfillment and Stardom is in my book, SHINE: A Powerful 4-Step Plan For Becoming A Star In Anything You Do, however, most people need a continuing education of personal application. I have designed this website to:

  • Provide tools to apply the 4 elements of Stardom to your life
  • Keep you motivated and focused
  • Answer questions you will have along the way
  • Continue a supportive dialogue through our Newsletters
    and chat rooms
  • Create a community to help you achieve your personal goals
  • Offer exclusive inspirational celebrity news and their
    affirmative life lessons
  • Announce special events and upcoming workshops
  • Establish the first online reality makeover program – the Good Luck Club™

Call To Action:

After 2 hours of explaining to Richard Pryor all of the wonderful things I could do for him if he would sign with me for representation, he looked up and said, “Larry, that sounds great but what the hell do we do on Monday?”

Well, every day is a Monday. And today is your Lucky Day to take action and join the Good Luck Club™.

Whether you are seeking your Stardom in sales, arts, finance, motherhood, or absolutely ANYTHING, you can use this extraordinary interactive workbook and networking environment to:

  • Unlock your TALENTS and match them with real
  • NETWORK with other members and discover OPPORTUNITIES
    to further your goals
  • Use events in your life to MOTIVATE and deepen your
    RAGE to succeed
  • Build a TEAM to support you in your goal and actually INVITE them to take part in your endeavor. You will be surprised how people will come to you when they see you are taking real action!
  • Include a celebrity as part of your TEAM and receive
    their exclusive messages
  • Learn how to be LUCKY!
  • Replace self-defeating dialogue with INSPIRING AFFIRMATIONS
  • Learn to take RESPONSIBILITY for your life
  • Set goals to become more HEALTHY - physically,
    mentally and spiritually
  • CLEAN up your bad habits
  • Take the GIANT LEAPS you have always dreamed of
  • Create your own FAN CLUB of friends, family and peers who can root you on and celebrate your success


The Good Luck Club™ gives an Award
each month to a deserving Member!


As a member of the Good Luck Club™, you will track your progress as you travel on the Road To Stardom. With each step you accomplish, points will be awarded to you. Each month, the Good Luck Club™ Members vote on the most deserving Member to win a one-hour telephone conversation and strategy session with me. This Award will help make your dream become a reality.

“My luck increased because I made choices that put me in the environment where my dreams will come true.”
- Donna S.
  Good Luck Club™ Member


Sign-up now for $9.95 per month and you will be eligible for this month’s Good Luck Club™ Award!

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Good Luck and Break A Leg!
I look forward to seeing you on Life’s Red Carpet!

 Larry Thompson

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