Project Rise and Shine, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based media company bringing together the collective wisdom of acclaimed Hollywood film producer, personal manager, author, and motivational speaker, Larry A. Thompson, with other eminent teachers, celebrities, writers, athletes, business leaders, and motivational speakers who have devoted their careers to helping people invigorate and enhance their personal and professional lives.  Project Rise and Shine, Inc., delivers life improvement content via multiple distribution channels including online, books, television, print media, retail products, telecourses, and live events.  The company's website is

At Project Rise & Shine™, we are committed to helping you identify and maximize your full potential - to Shine and be a Star.  Whether you are striving to realize a career objective, expand your wealth, communicate better with loved ones, or just be an improved you, we offer effective ideas and specific exercises to inspire, motivate and help you reach your desired goals.  In addition, we present a host of online tools, resources, information, celebrity bios, news, advice, forums for discussion, and the motivational structure and revolutionary support of the Good Luck Club to help members better meet their goals and find balance in their lives.

Project Rise & Shine™ , founded by film producer and personal manager, Larry Thompson, is a unique organization that Inspires People Worldwide To Reach Their Full Potential And Map Their Unique Road To Stardom. Inspired by Thompson’s 36 years of producing films and managing over 200 celebrities, this initiative brings to life his four essential and attainable elements for Becoming a Star in Anything You Do: Talent, Rage, Team, and Luck. Through original inspiring programming, motivational workshops and a dynamic online networking environment, Project Rise & Shine™  uplifts and motivates others to become fulfilled in their own lives.

Larry is one of the leading experts in matching talent with opportunity and creating Stardom for his clients and friends. For years he considered writing a manual that any person from any walk of life could use to manifest their own ultimate success. In 2004, he completed this work titled SHINE: A Powerful 4-Step Plan For Becoming A Star In Anything You Do. As Larry himself says, “this book and this mission is the third act of my life.”

In 2004, Larry teamed up with Stephen Samuels, a proven leader in consumer marketing as well as a graduate of many personal development programs. Stephen’s experience working with major global brands and experts in the self-help industry led to the creation of the company. Now, with the help of other key team members, including Vice-President Robert G. Endara II, Project Rise & Shine™ is building a dynamic community of ambitious pop-culture fans who are determined to create their own unique road to Stardom.

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